After the production of our first prototypes and the first tests, we were so enthusiastic about the exceptional consistency of the cut herbs that we started looking for the ideal name.

We were of the opinion that neither crumbly, crumbling, dusty, etc. would describe the consistency of the herbs well.

Therefore the herbs in our herb mills are actually cut up and not, as usual, ground up, they are exceptionally loose.

Because of this particularly loose structure, which has the appearance of a loose green cloud, we find that #fluffy best describes the consistency.

Our herb mills are specially designed for processing slightly moistened herbs.
The moisture in the herbs allows their aroma to really come to the fore.
Slightly moist herbs are also much more pleasant to smoke, as the residual moisture makes the smoke much cooler.

However, in conventional mills you have the problem that the herbs are no longer properly crushed and only smeared.

This was the original incentive to develop a high-quality herb mill.
Our herb mills process even the moistest herbs reliably into #fluffy green clouds due to their blade geometry, which has been thought out in every detail!