Frequently asked questions about our grinders:

  • What material are the Gleichdickgrinders mad of?
    Our grinders are milled from high-strength aluminum CNC and then hard anodized, which makes the surfaces abrasion resistant.
  • Is the aluminum rubbing off?
    Since all our grinders are hard-anodized, a particularly hard and abrasion-resistant layer is created on all surfaces. By hard anodizing, the anodized layer gets many times thicker and more robust than by normal anodizing.
    As a result, no rubbing aluminum in the ordinary use of our grinder.
  • Can the paint peel off?
    Since the color particles are introduced during hard anodizing in an intermediate step in the layer and thereby enclosed in this, they can not peel off.
  • Will the blades remain sharp?
    Hard anodizing hardens all surfaces, including the blades.
    Therefore, the blades remain sharp in the long term.Since no coating is applied to the surface during anodization, like painting, but the layer grows out of the material, the blades are even sharper.

  • #fluffy?
    Therefore, the herbs are not grated in our grinders but cut, resulting in a particularly loose structure of the herbs. This can not really be described as crumbly, etc. but can best be described as "#fluffy"!
    "The Gleichdickgrinder manages to crush even the stickiest herbs into fluffy green clouds!"

  • Is the cutting result fine?
    Due to the high precision and the special shape of the blades, the cutting result depends on the number of revolutions and the degree of humidity of the herbs, from #fluffy to dusty.

  • Can the Gleichdickgrinder also cut up moist herbs?
    The Gleichdickgrinder was specially developed for moist herbs, as we usually ferment our herbs and thus they are always moist.
    Since our grinders are manufactured with high precision, the specially shaped blades create conditions that are more like scissors than ordinary grinders. This allows a Gleichdickgrinder shred even the wettest herbs easily.

  • Is the cutting result of the Gleichdickgrinder also suitable for vaporizers?
    Since the Gleichdickgrinder cuts the herbs and does not grind like conventional grinders, the surface structure of the herbs is preserved, whereby the ingredients can be better extracted.

  • How to clean the Gleichdickgrinder?
    Deposits can be both mechanical, e.g. by scraping with a rounded object (as long as the anodizing layer is not penetrated with a tip, it is very robust!), or with solvents (put in alcohol or boil in milk) to be cleaned.
    We especially recommend the decoction in milk as a cleaning method.
    For this purpose, let all parts (except Woodgrinder) soak for 15 minutes in warm milk and then easily remove the remains with a brush. The fat in the milk dissolves the resins very well. The milk can then be further enjoyed with all the flavors.
    Our grinders can also be cleaned with all common, gentle cleaning agents.
    Attention! Our grinders are not suitable for dishwashers and ultrasonic cleaners. By aggressive chemicals (sodium lye) in Geschirrspültabs the surface can get dull.
    In ultrasonic cleaners, the phenomenon of cavitation can damage the anodizing layer. This is due to the microscopic impacts / implosions in ultrasonic cleaning.

  • Which grinder is the right one for me?
    Depending on whether you prefer to grind for immediate consumption or in stock, rather the two or the multi-part Grinder are the right one for you.
    For users of vaporizers, we especially recommend the 2-part grinder, because there is the opportunity to individually determine the cutting result.
    In the 3- and 4-part grinders, the herbs fall into a collection container, from which they can be conveniently taken as needed.
    For particularly high demands, the party grinder is ideal because of its capacity! Here, even the largest flowers can be easily crushed.

  • What should I consider when using?
    We recommend filling our grinders only about 2/3. As a result, the herbs between the blades still have enough space to not stick together and develop their full volume. #fluffy
    At the first use we advise to grind only a few turns to see the consistency of the herbs. With dry herbs often 1-2 turns are enough.
    In the case of the multi-part grinders, care should be taken to keep it as upright as possible in order to facilitate the fall of the herbs into the storage container.

  • Where are the Gleichdickgrinders made?
    All our products are made in a small style in our own production in Lower Austria. For quality reasons, our production covers all process steps. That means we do all the steps from the 3m long round bar to the finished grinder.

  • Where do we ship our grinders?
    We ship worldwide.
    If a country is not available, this is possible on request.
    Just write us and we'll get back to you!

  • I am a retailer and I am interested!
    We are happy to welcome you as a new partner!
    Please send us your contact details and VAT-ID number and we will contact you shortly!